Freedom To Fight Corruption

Corruption Is Everywhere
Solution Is Here

We are challenging the belief that only government should posses legal authority to investigate & prosecute corruption. We are redefining the corruption control system as private, competitive & profitable business getting very high revenue from corrupt government & semi-government officials and political parties. Nav Tantra movement is working to establish anti-corruption industry by passing a law. Read outline of Nav Tantra Framework and support Nav Tantra movement.

If a law is created based on Nav Tantra Framework then it would free corruption control system from government's grip and put in people's hand, hence it is called Freedom To Fight Corruption. Nav Tantra will also grant private companies permissions to audit government departments, and earn money by finding financial wrong doings. Privatization of anti-corruption system is the only permanent & peaceful solution of corruption.

Privatization of any sector brings good results more often than not. India had a lot of problems in sectors like telecom, automobile, textile, energy, education etc. under government's monopoly. All major problems like rationing, short-supply & poor quality are gone after they were granted freedom by privatization. Freedom of anti-corruption sector will bring same fruits.

Nav Tantra is different because it is a fresh proposition, not just "old wine in new bottle". Read more differences

Nav Tantra is next generation freedom movement. Read more about Nav Tantra movement